"Owners of private cameras in universal functions" is a web action project developed within the framework of Ciutat Oberta: Biennal de pensament, which will take place in Barcelona in October 2018, produced in collaboration with La Escocesa and the Tàpies Foundation.

"Owners of private cameras in universal functions" offers a particular look to the journalist and writer Ramón Gómez de la Serna (pioneer of radio-broadcasting in Spain), who would declare himself as an "owner of a private microphone in universal functions" when Unión Radio installed in Ramons office a microphone on November 2, 1930. From then on, a particular relationship of confidentiality between the author, the microphone, and the listener would be established.

The intention of the project is to carry out a current revision of this relationship through a streaming video web project in which the microphone is replaced by the webcam and the listeners by Internet users.

In this way, for the project, different people or groups located in different cities of the world will broadcast live from their own "connected rooms" domestic actions, activities and daily routines, interviews and improvised conversations, and even retransmissions of chronicles of the day, offering an update on the incursions of Ramón G. de la Serna on the radio. According to Ramón, "any receiver is comparable to the microphone, whose audience is infinite (...)".

However, a current revision suggests the camera as that new receiver of infinite audience. Participants in the project will be declared as "owners of private cameras in universal functions", in reference to the quote of Ramón Gómez de la Serna.

This project is developed through an online live video platform, and can also be visited through a projection in the public space of La Escocesa (Barcelona) during the two days of the live retransmission (October 17 and 19). Any Internet user can access the visualization of the activity of the owners of private cameras through the website of the project.

"Owners of private cameras" was retransmitted for the first time between November 15 and 17, 2012, as part of the R & D project "Recovery of pioneering works of Sound Art of the Spanish Avant-gardes and review of its current influence", carried out by the Laboratorio de creaciones Intermedia (Polytechnic University of Valencia).

The idea of the project has been developed by visual artist and researcher Juan Antonio Cerezuela.

+ INFO: poseedoresdecamaras@gmail.com