"Some time ago my dream was owning a private microphone, but I needed to be cured of the traveling concerns to dedicate myself to that sacred ostentation of words. Today I have established the microphone of my illusions and I feel like a priest of the radio goddess, that goddess to whom I prostrated years ago, from the day of his advent.”
Ramón announced himself with these words as an "owner of a private microphone in universal functions" when Unión Radio installed a private microphone in his private office on November 2, 1930. From his microphone, this "chronicler of the guard" would spread breaking news, comment everything that present would suggest, speak about the fleeting impressions of a letter received that day, make readings of some pages of books he considered extraordinary, emit obituaries of deceased charismatic people, play vinyl discs of music, have conversations without air of interviews with visitors who entered his office, etc. In this way, this pioneering intimate microphone, capable of intervening in national radio broadcasts, would pick up the most intimate confession of its author:

"With this microphone in the solitude and in the silence of the house where I live alone, the journalistic and literary confession will have reached the maximum of intimacy. The writers diary will have outdone, becoming a new genre. The confession, the gloss, the trembling comment of a newly experienced emotion will have a reserved meditative atmosphere, almost the voice of the awakened conscience."

For Ramón, the microphone has a vital importance, especially for its ability not only to capture the emotions of the speaker, but also to absorb the surrounding environment. Even at times, this perception of the environment was filtered through the personality of Ramón himself through descriptions that glossed "the color of the strange day, the impression of one of those moons that don´t look like the moons of other nights, the comet that has just crossed the sky, everything that can be seen on my balcony, what has just happened.”