"A steady hand and a good story are always looking for a camera.".
HYBLA TODAY is the project Roy Mitchell created once he moved from the big city of Toronto to the small rural hamlet of Hybla. HYBLA TODAY is part performance, news, culture and reflects some of the issues in the area he now calls home. He has been called among other things an agitator, a troublemaker, a pervert and a fashionista. Nothing deters this man from using the simple technology of the iPhone to document his life and the world around him. An artist, videomaker and writer, Mitchell sees HYBLA TODAY as a hybrid of journalism and performance. He finds inspiration in the work of Ramón Gómez de la Serna and activists who try to change the world with humour and style.
"Radio: the medium and the remedy".
Gina Quintero is a "rolita" based in the city of Medellin for seven years. She has a bachelors degree in Social Sciences, but she was touched by her passion for working with the community and disseminating literature. She has practiced cultural management from innovative fields, and is a promoter of reading for diverse communities, from babies to pensioners, and since epistolary workshops to proposals that looks to the most erotic side of art. The radio is one of her interests, as well as the design of workshops that involve the intimate and personal experience.

The proposal to link the Iberian Peninsula with Colombia in this new adventure of radio / video-broadcasting as an "Owner of a Private Camera in Universal Functions" will take us to explore the senses (sight and hearing) through the common thread not only of the word but of the polyphonies, thanks to guests who can contribute to the manifestation of diverse feelings. .
"Free buffet for stalkers of precarious artists".
Verónica Francés is an interdisciplinary artist and mediator. She works around the ability of communication of art and the relationship established between the artist and the viewer. How the viewers gaze receives the work of art and is digested by him/her creating a new work. She is interested in art as a tool for mediation and social transformation. She studies which are the communication mechanisms of the work of art and contemporary culture, which are the spaces used for art, their mechanics and devices. It develops experiential projects in which the precariousness of the artists is visible.

Artists also eat. But what they have to do for that? I will seek an answer to this question through the screen of my phone that is broadcasted live. Interviews by WhatsApp, a consulting room for artists, designed for stalkers of precarious artists.
"Sometimes you will look at my hands picking out tunes on a piano, without earing the melodies... sometimes you will listen to my music without knowing how its been done. Thats the deal.".
Benjamin Gibert is a composer, trained in architecture and electroacoustic music. He develops his talent in the world of dance and contemporary theater, exploring themes such as musicality and body, working with highly prestigious stage directors. He also ventured into the world of performance, creating a musical piece for Predrag Pajdic, in the project The Myth of Yearning Never Ends. In 2015 he participated in the Arandel project (inFiné records) as interpreter in the concerts of the Solarispellis tour. In Février 2017, he was invited to lead a musical composition workshop with the students of the National Conservatory of Lebanon (Beirut) for the month of the Francophonie, with the French Institute. During the summer of 2017, his meeting with Sacha Bernardson (Moorworks records) led him on a promotional tour of Europe. This tour allows him to experience the pieces of an upcoming album, whose music explores the possible relationships between volcanism and human behavior.

During the days of the retransmission, Benjamin will work on his instrumental and electronic album Punktscapes.